The Research you help fund
and the animals it will save

The best part about Splashing Apparel products is not the exclusive graphic designs or the premium materials and durable construction. It’s the real and direct effect each and every purchase has on marine mammal conservation. 

100% of the Profits from Splashing Apparel are Donated to research and conservation of wild whales in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

We support researchers in these areas who are studying a complex array of whale and dolphin behaviors to better understand how to eliminate the harmful effects of our own behavior.

Areas of Study

Marine biologists in those areas are studying how fish migration and climate change may influence whale and dolphin migration patterns and habitat use, as well as the other effects climate change may be having on these locations.

They observe marine mammal behavior to gain insight into their social interactions, foraging strategies, learned behaviors, mating behaviors and communication. The vocalizations of whales and dolphins are recorded and studied to better understand how they communicate and transmit information.

One of the most directly beneficial areas of study is the impact of anthropogenic factors like marine debris, nets, bycatch, pollution and noise on marine mammals, their food sources and their habitats. This research shows us exactly which human behaviors are causing more harm to marine mammal life, so we have the opportunity to eliminate those behaviors.

By examining top predators and other marine mammals, researchers can assess the overall health of our oceans, right down to specific populations of marine life. The research we support focuses on educating and engaging with the public to raise awareness about the dramatic effect our seemingly inconsequential actions can have.

Saving whales and dolphins from human threats starts with research and education of the public and policy-makers. Your contribution makes it possible to initiate a positive change for these magnificent animals and we can’t do it without you!

You can help promote awareness, fund research and support conservation by simply wearing and using Splashing Apparel products.

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