About Us

Our Passion

Our love for marine mammals runs as deep as the ocean itself. Their beauty, grace and intelligence captivate and inspire us, whether we’re watching dolphins bow ride ahead of the boat or a humpback whale breaching in a magnificent arc over the water’s surface.

We’re in constant awe of these wonderous beings, so the conditions that threaten their existence weigh heavily on our hearts. The good news is that we as a specie are in control over most of these threats and if we care enough, we can reduce the impact that our actions have on marine mammals and their habitats.

Our Mission

Splashing Apparel was born of a determination to make a difference in the lives of marine mammals. This is an ambitious goal, but we believe every drop in the proverbial bucket has the potential to create ripples that evolve into tidal waves of change.

Our commitment to the conservation of whales has inspired us to put our passions and dreams onto fabric, to bring awareness to the critical issues they face, like entanglement, plastics, pollution and captivity. Each graphic in our line was inspired by the powerful, nurturing, playful, intelligent and mysterious nature of marine mammals and the awe and wonder we feel when we look at them.

In order to spread our reach as far as possible, we accept only the highest-quality materials and manufacturing processes for our clothing, drinkware, beach accessories and other products. That way, people like you will benefit from the practical value of each product and you’ll want to wear or use them all the time. 

You Make it Possible

The best part about Splashing Apparel products is not the exclusive graphic designs or the premium materials and durable construction. It’s the real and direct effect each and every purchase has on marine mammal conservation. 

100% of Profits from Splashing Apparel are donated to research and conservation of wild whales in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Marine biologists conduct research on climate change, behavior, vocalizations, pollution and everything in between, in an effort to better understand how we can reduce the damaging impacts we have on marine mammal populations.

Saving whales and dolphins from anthropogenic threats starts with research and education of the public and policy-makers. Your contribution makes it possible to initiate a positive change for these magnificent animals and we can’t do it without you!

You can help promote awareness, fund research and support conservation by simply wearing and using Splashing Apparel products.