Ocean Sounds Norway Fundraiser

Help Ocean Sounds Norway whale and dolphin research and conservation!

Receive this Beautiful Splashing Apparel Silver Plated Dolphin Bracelet when Donating 25€ to Ocean Sounds Norway.  All Donations Help Support Ocean Sounds Norway Research. Each bracelet comes in a Splashing Apparel jewelry box that makes an excellent gift to any ocean lover!

All Proceeds goes to Ocean Sounds Norway vital field work to study whales and aid in their conservation

Shipping is already included in your donation, please provide your mailing address in the optional message box when donating to receive your bracelet. 




Ocean Sounds Norway is a nonprofit research organization studying the vocal communication and social behavior of killer whales/orcas, long-finned pilot whales, and Atlantic white-sided dolphins. They record whale vocalizations underwater using a hydrophone and observe the behavior of the whales while they vocalize to better understand their communication. They have created a catalogue of vocalizations by specie and also a photo-identification catalogue to identify the individual whales by natural markings.


I Norge kan du donere via Vipps


Jumping Dolphin Silver Bangle Bracelet

Wear your love for dolphins around your wrist with this shiny 925 Silver plated dolphin bangle bracelet. The dolphin’s tail, its fluke, interlocks to open and close the bracelet with ease while adding some flare. Display your love for the dolphins, while actually helping them at the same time with this purchase!

  • 925 Silver Plated
  • Non-allergenic
  • Comes in a Splashing Apparel jewelry box
  • Makes for a perfect gift, a gift that makes a difference for the whales & dolphins
  • Supports Ocean Sounds Wild Whale Research and Conservation

Diameter: 2.65 in (when closed).
Bracelet band thickness: 0.35 in.
Dolphin (H x W): 0.70 in x 0.94 in