November 05, 2018

Welcome to Splashing Apparel


If you are reading this, there is a chance that you love whales and dolphins just as much as we do. We all come from a variety of backgrounds but what unites us is our passion for nature, for the ocean and specifically for the marine mammals.


So welcome to Splashing Apparel, the whale-inspired store that can provide for all of your marine mammal clothing, accessory and home goods needs, while at the same time helping fund vital ocean research and conservation efforts. We donate 100% of the profits, that is ALL of it, to research! This is the place where you can contribute in your own way, while getting something great to keep in return.


There are countless examples of these animals’ beauty, their intelligence and their intricate social behavior. Still, the mysteries surrounding them are deeper than the oceans, and the troubles they face due to human exploitation of our fragile planet are sometimes grave. We’re in constant awe of these wonderous beings, so the conditions that threaten their existence weigh heavily on our hearts. The good news is that we as a specie are in control over most of these threats and if we care enough, we can reduce the impact that our actions have on marine mammals and their habitats.



We see that even with all the time we humans have spent observing these amazing beings, there is so much that is yet to be explored and discovered about their nature. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard for researchers to find the financial means to do so. In our capitalistic society, the majority of funding is often based on how much commercial profits can be made at the other end. Getting money to invent something or to produce something is much easier than getting money to learn something or to conserve something. There are many highly skilled marine biologists with plenty of degrees that are unable to stay in their field because funding for knowledge is so hard to come by. Competition for even small grants is fierce, and there is very limited funding for boat based research. This results in even less money available to hire and retain marine biologists.


Even with the vast amount of volunteer work conducted by scientists, money is still required to purchase equipment, fuel boats and publish articles. Technical equipment like hydrophones, cameras or drones required to collect the proper data in the field can amount to tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, many areas around the world lack the required funds needed to help stranded marine mammals, nurture them back to health and release them back into the wild.


This is where your support of Splashing Apparel comes into play. 100% of our profits, that is all of it, is donated to those who need the funding to continue their amazing work. This means that up and coming researchers staring their careers, nonprofit research organizations that need funding for new equipment or whale stranding groups that need tools to get the job done, will benefit from all of your purchases of clothing and other items in our store. That is what we proudly call “Apparel With a Purpose”!



Splashing Apparel was born of a determination to make a difference in the lives of marine mammals. This is an ambitious goal, but we believe every drop in the proverbial bucket has the potential to create ripples that evolve into tidal waves of change. Our commitment to the conservation of whales has inspired us to put our passions and dreams onto fabric, to bring awareness to the critical issues they face, like entanglement, plastics, pollution and captivity. Each graphic in our line was inspired by the powerful, nurturing, playful, intelligent and mysterious nature of marine mammals and the awe and wonder we feel when we look at them.


Enjoy what we have created so far and keep checking back later as we are continuously adding more exciting products and designs all the time. In order to spread our reach as far as possible, we accept only the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes for our clothing, drinkware, beach accessories and other products. So now you can benefit from the practical value of each product and help promote awareness, fund research and support conservation by simply wearing and using Splashing Apparel products.


We will keep this blog filled with the latest news on whales, shares the stories of whale research and conservation to help enlighten everyone with information about these wonderful creature.


If you appreciate our work, please like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram, and share our story with your friends. You can even donate directly to research and conservation. And if you like anything in our store, please feel free to make a purchase. It will benefit both yourself and the whales you will support.


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